Restless Rider LP

On the album
Matt Button – Voice, Guitar
Matt Swanson – Bass
Matt Bach – Guitar
Vanessa Scholle – Keys, Voice
Brian Kotzur – Drums
Tony Crow – Keys
Brian Leonard – Trumpet
Ava Troxler – Voice
Ben Martin – Drums
Ryan Norris – Keys
Tom George – Bass
Brian Head – Drums
Derek Schartung – Saxophone
Adam Troxler – Brass & Woodwinds

Recorded in Nashville, Tennessee at Thee Swan Studios and at The House of Bach
Mastered by KRAMER @ Noise Miami
Front cover design by Leslie Patterson-Marx
Back cover by Matthew and Mitchell Bradley
Layout by Tim Furnish

Thanks to any and everyone involved and especially to Allen Button and Judith Daniel
Dedicated to Oliver Button


(Matt Button/Josh Garcia)

awake, who’s asleep?
Who am I to save a seat?
Who’s awake, who’s asleep?
Who am I to speak in cheek?

Cemetery wall jumper
Shut the flask if you have to ask
All empties to a backyard still
For refill

Little boy, a patch of dirt
You’ve got the eyes that can fertilize
Every day a new footprint
And I won’t forget how you paid
your end

Fountain of youth
Old Cave Hill
We watched the town moving up and down
Before the drugs
When the summer sun was the only one

You never ended the shitboots
You never ended the shitboots

And when I wake up, I won’t forget to think
Am I really awake or did you dream me up?

And then the ghostman shot you down…
And then he tagged you out
Best friends skin laid down
In the sun

Fixin to Hitt

(Matt Button/Josh Garcia)

I won’t try
to find you in a game of seek and hide, no more
So long I’ll be gone
Long after you cared anymore
Scram out because you brought me down
And I don’t doubt if there’s hate in your soul

You’ve got your toothpick missile
Jutting out the grind
Camelstick whistle
And best friend monkeyshines

Hello. You can’t know
what I’ve got for you
What I’ve got for you
Hello. You can’t ever know
what I got for you. oh, No
What I got for you

We make a try
When the trumpet sigh
We make a go and now you know
What I’ve got for you
You’ve got your toothpick missile
Jutting out the grind
Camelstick whistle
Your best friend monkeyshines

Sleepytime Down South

(Clarence Muse, Leon René and Otis René)

a pale moon shining
On fields below
Folks are crooning
Soft and low
You needn’t tell me boy
Because I know
When it’s sleepy time down south

The soft wind blowing
Through the pinewood trees
The folks down there
Live a life of ease
When ole mammy falls on her knees
And it’s sleepy time down south

Steamboats on the river
Coming and going
They’re splashing the night away
Hear the banjo ringing
And the folks are singing
Cause its sleepy time down south


Eggs of Ice

(Matt Button, Josh Garcia)

If you could pay to smell at the ocean
Get lost in a spirited notion
Eggs of ice
Hatchback to the sun
They fall from the sky
For the first time
All spin’t into an old winged buck

And you fall right through that floor
You fall from the sky
For the last time

If you got drugs
We will help you do them
It doesn’t matter
If it’s black or white
Your beechnut fight
At the horse apple junction
Electric paddle strike
To the psyche

I’m in your world now
And its upside downstairs
If we can’t get it
Who can?
We’re eggs of ice
With our hatchbacks to the sun
And we fall from the sky
For the last time


(Matt Button, Kate Csillagi)

Silos in the sky
Gravel rocks fly and we’re on our way
At the cold/hot springs
Steamy sings “see what the wetness brings’
At the window again
Scared money never wins
Lower than Twin Falls
Lapping up the mauls.
Are you gooder then?
Get me through these bars
Winding down with stars.
Can we kick the list?
Can you feel that beat?
Right off that street.
Can you lose your touch?
Silos in the sky
You can watch them cry when they know too much
Silos in the sky
Silos in the sky

Near the Airport

(Matt Button, David Berman)

I don’t want to say no
And I don’t wanna stay home
I don’t want to say no
And I don’t want to say low
When I was thirteen
I had my creatures
Had my bubbles
And all my teachers
Called me trouble

Now we got a car
Fresh off the jumpstart
Only got so far
Near the airport
Where she watched the planes land

And now its 4 am
And my car’s parking
At the fairgrounds
The dogs are barking

And she’s let her hair down

Pony Ride

(Matt Button, Josh Garcia)

Let’s have a pony ride
Whether the weather is wrong or right
You know ponies get sad sometimes
Walking on no more grass
Let’s have a pony ride
Right after the stars have died
We’ll have a pony ride ride
Right after our stars have died
Let’s have a pony ride
Whether the weather is wrong or right
A good friend is nice to have
When no one is there for you
Old wooden troughs outside
We’d mix our drinks like spikes
Let’s have pony ride
Way after our stars have died

Catch Me If You Can

(Matt Button, Dave Cloud)

We’re running through fields
High heel booties on
You got such perfect hair
All day feels just like dawn
Catch me if you can

The original dig
In the north of Siam
Camera man, bucktoothed mofo
Catch me if you can

Camera man, Camera man
Eat round weenies
Eat round weenies for lunch

Catch me if you can
Catch me if you can


(Matt Button)

Dumbwaiter bring me some good upstairs tea
Windows seep sun come to sleep there barely
Stench of your stockyards should pass us you’ll see
And I know your thoughts drift away like the stream
But it’s me

Come hydro/Ohio, come sad paddle wing
Her horns like a voice carried off on the wind
We’ll tear these rent boats
’Til the innards are shown
Free up this dam till it’s even with me
He’s with me
And together we’ll see how we make out

Meet me in the Alley

(Matt Button, Josh Garcia)

Put your shoes on
And meet us in the alley
Because I think we found it
The perfect diamond
And it is ours
And no one knows about it
Lets keep it that way

Until the ghost man shot you down
Then he tags us out
Best friend skin laid down
In the sun

Take your legs off
And put them on my body
Because I think we could get
And if we can’t get it
Who can?

Until the ghost man shot you down
Then he tagged you out
Your best friend skin laid down
In the sun


(Matt Button, Joseph Garcia)

Remember how it was when your ship came in
What some call a living, others make it sin
Your face against the brick and the pain in my shin
Plates are high
And the water is low
Pillows are dry
And the burn’s to the bone

The warmth of spilling sun through a crack in the clouds
Morning work is done it’s nearly lunchtimes now
Boys are always thirsty
Girls are always loud
But I’ve seen love as a lingering glow
On a cold afternoon

So don’t bust your good knee
On the rim of the reservoir
Don’t rip your new jeans
Before you see where you are

Little Win

 (Matt Button)

A little win keeps you playin
Pocket change to stay
Up in their eyes you realize
You turned your back on grey

I’ve seen dogs and I’ve seen days
Reasons, means and ways
It’s in their eyes, they fertilize
You’ve turned your back on grey

We’ve all had friends who’ve made their ends
And never go astray
They make the block, they beat the clock
But never go away


Palomina is the culmination of many shared and individual musical experiences. Experiences that have transpired along the line of Nashville, Tennessee and Louisville, Kentucky and beyond.

Seeking to convey the pastoral setting of rolling fields of tobacco, and the intimacy of the urban alleyway combined with the collaboration of cornucopia of talented players, Palomina strives to create an exciting, engaging medium of art,…one of fluidity and connectivity that relays and explains the feeling of being somewhere, in the in-between.

With members from such groups as Lambchop, Clockhammer, Silver Jews, Dave Cloud and the Gospel of Power, Paul Booker and the Dynamite Operators, Parlour, and the Mattoid, the effort is a labor of love of many who wish the spirit and vigor of such a scene recognized, restored and rejuvinated. Our influences include Muhhammed Ali, Secretariat, Sebadoh, Chuck Berry, our souls harkening to the old days, and ways of doing it right. We strive, day to day, to carve an artistic musical pathway despite any obstacles we may come upon. We remain in it to win it.

This first record, Restless Rider, is an example of good coming out of loss, the creative frustration that can come from a pandemic, and a hopeful and thoughtful look to the horizon. Like a headstrong filly or colt who may be destined for glory, we want to succeed, and we feel like we came up in the right time and place. There was never a river Palomina didn’t like to walk along or respectfully cross. We’d like to reach you. Palomina is here. And Palomina is now.

“Listen to and go see Palomina. There is still an underside of town. There is still hope” – Britt Walford

Palomina is:

Matt Button – Vocals & Guitar

Vanessa Scholle – Keyboard & Backup Vocals

Matt Swanson – Nashville Unit Bass

Matt Bach – Nashville Unit Guitar

Reagan Wood – Nashville Unit Drums

Tim Furnish – Louisville Unit Bass

David Wright – Louisville Unit Drums

Photo Gallery


PALOMINA TOUR March 2024 Midwest Southwest West Coast

March 4th Nashville – The Basement with Shannon Lee Hayden

March 8th Gore, OK Blue Doors at Tenkiller Resort

March 9th Wichita, KS Kirby’s Beer Store / Equality Kansas Fundraiser

March 10th Norman, OK NCOM w/ Daniel Burgess & band

March 11th Albuquerque, NM House Show (Private)

March 12th Bisbee, AZ The Quarry w/ La Cerca

March 15th Mariposa,CA The Hideout Saloon

March 16th Knights Ferry, CA Rick’s Saloon w/ Chris Doud 

March 17th St Pattys day Party in SF (Private)

March 22nd Redding, CA w/ Jeff Coleman – Sons of Jefferson 

March 23rd – March 30th NorCal – OR- MT-MN- IL- MO- TBA


2024-01-20: Nachbar, Louisville, KY: Palomina & IAMIS

2023-12-01: Belltree Cocktail Club, Carrboro, NC: Palomina, Scivic Rivers, River Otters

2023-11-25: Restless Rider Album Release Show at B-Side, Louisville, KY FB Event

2023-09-29: Quonset Hut: Cletus Wilcox Artist Reception, Louisville, KY

2023-09-28: Portal, Louisville, KY with Lewsberg & Charm School

2023-08-03: Portal, Louisville: PRFBBQLOU

2023-06-22: B-Side, Louisville, KY: A night with Palomina

2023-06-10: The Basement, Nashville, TN: Pylon Reenactment Society, Palomina & Thayer Sarrano

2023-06-05: Portal, Louisville, KY with Paleface & Shutaro Noguchi

2023-06-01: Southgate House Revival: w/Paleface & Alex Salcido





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